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Make ME Close Iqbal HJ Mp3 Lyrics Download ভোকাল ভার্সন. This islamic song is sung by Iqbal Hossain Jibon. Make ME Close Lyrics are written by Collected (Received through FB) & Iqbal HJ. Make me close iqbal hj lyrics, iqbal hj mp3 song download, Make me close iqbal hj mp3 download, Iqbal hj new song, Iqbal hossain jibon mp3 songs download

Audio Gojol Mp3
Make ME Close Iqbal HJ Mp3 Download ভোকাল ভার্সন (Gojol Mp3 Download)

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Make ME Close:
Artist: Iqbal Hossain Jibon
Lyric: Collected (Received through FB) & Iqbal HJ
Melo Fusion: Parvez Juwel
Produced by ELAN Records
Director: H Al Banna

Special Thanks: Marjia Iqbal
Special Love: Ayesha Tarannum

Make ME Close Iqbal HJ Lyrics

"Sometimes I wonder 
How my life has come to be,
Sometimes I wonder
If Allah has chosen me 
To carry out His work, 
To make me closer to His Deen,
And to be one of those in Akhirah
Under his mercy.

Make me close, Make me close
Make me close to your deen

I need to walk the footsteps 
Of our Prophet Mustafa, 
I need to learn my actions 
From the Glorious Ayaat,
Invite to our Lord till the day that we wake.
O Allah Make us humble every step of the way,

Innad Deena indal Laahil Islam,
The only path Allah accepts 
is that of Al Islam, 
I cry to you – Oh Allah I pray to you,
I urge to you o Allah Make me close to you
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