Allahu Allahu Ishrak Hussain Ft. Yusuf | আল্লাহু আল্লাহু তুমি জাল্লেজালালু | Bangla Islamic Song

 Allahu Allahu Tumi Jalle Jalaluhu Lyrics Mp3 Download Ishrak Hussain New Bangla Islamic Song আল্লাহু আল্লাহু তুমি জাল্লেজালালু. This beautiful Islamic gojol is sung by Ishrak Hussain & Yusuf. Allahu Allahu lyrics are written by Sirajul Islam. Ishrak Hussain Gojol Mp3 Download, Bangla New Islamic Song Mp3 Download

Allahu Allahu Tumi Jalle Jalaluhu Audio Gojol Mp3 by Ishrak Hussain & Yusuf

Allahu Allahu Tumi Jalle Jalaluhu Gojol Mp3 Download by Ishrak Hussain Ft. Yusuf আল্লাহু আল্লাহু তুমি জাল্লেজালালু

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Allahu Allahu Tumi Jalle Jalaluhu Ishrak Hussain Ft. Yusuf:

  • Lyric & Tune : Sirajul Islam
  • Original singer : abdul Alim
  • Singer:  Ishrak Hussain & Yusuf
  • Arabic words : Ally J.K
  • Composition, Mix Master & Produce : Ishrak Hussain
  • Video Edit: Ishrak Hussain
  • Recorded in  Studio Saturn 
  • Poster Design : SKM Jahid

Allahu Allahu Tumi Jalle Jalaluhu Lyrics আল্লাহু আল্লাহু তুমি জাল্লেজালালু

Ya Rabbi Subahanak (3x)
Jul Jalali Wal Ikram
O my Lord, glory to You
Lord of Majesty and Generosity,  Lord of Glory and Honor
Allahu Allahu Tumi Jalle Jalaluhu 
O Allah, Glorious You are in Your own greatness 
Shesh kora to Jay na geye Tomar gunogaan
No odes, no praise  can hail you enough 
Tumi Kaddiro Gaffar, Tumi Jalilu Jabbar
You are The All Powerful, You are The All Forgiving, You are The Majestic, You are The Almighty 
Ononto Oshum Tumi, Rahim Rahman
You are The Endless, The Most Merciful, The Most Kind

Ya wali , al matin, Raziqil, Hayah, wahidun, kadirun
The Loving Defender, The Firm, The provider of life, The One, The All-Powerful
La Ilaha Ilallahu
There is no God but Him
Tumi Matir Aodom Ke Prothom Shrishti Koriya 
You have created Aadham(AS) out of clay
Ghosona koriya dile shrestho boliya
And announced him to be the best of all
Tai nurer feresta kore adom ke sijda
Therefore, the angels made of ray, prostrated before him
Shobar cheye dile matir manush ke somman 
You have honoured the clay-made Man over all else

Allahu akbar Allahu Akbar
Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest 
Sishu Musa nabi re jokhon dushmoner e dore
When the infant Moses(AS) was abandoned by his family, for the fear of the enemies 
sinduke voriya dile vasaya sagore
He was floating in an iron box on the chest of ocean
Pran chilo jahar voy shetha pelo sey asroy 
Miracle it is, the one who was to kill him, sheltered him instead 
shei dushmoner e hate tahar bachaile praan
Your miracle made his enemy to be his Saviour
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