Hera Hote Hele Dule by Ishrak Hussain | হেরা হতে হেলে দুলে | Kazi Nazrul Islam

 Hera Hote Hele Dule Gojol Lyrics Mp3 Download হেরা হতে হেলে দুলে. This beautiful Islamic gazal is sung by Ishrak Hussain. Hera Hote Hele Dule Lyrics are written by Kazi Nazrul Islam. Hera Hote Hele Dule Mp3 Download, Ishrak Hussain New Gojol Mp3 Download

Hera Hote Hele Dule Audio Gojol Mp3

Hera Hote Hele Dule Gojol Mp3 Download By Ishrak Hussain | হেরা হতে হেলে দুলে | Kazi Nazrul Islam

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Hera Hote Hele Dule by Ishrak Hussain | হেরা হতে হেলে দুলে | Kazi Nazrul Islam

  • Words by Kazi Nazrul Islam 
  • Melody: Traditional Nazrul Sangeet (genre of Nazrul's own invented musical style)
  • Performed and arranged by Ishrak Hussain 
  • Recorded at Saturn Studio
  • Mixed and Mastered by Ishrak Hussain  
  • English Lyric: Ally J.K
  • Video editing : Ishrak Husain
  • Technical Support: Tune Hut
  • DOP & Poster Design : SKM Jahid 
  • Additional Support: Saim Al Hasan

Hera Hote Hele Dule Lyrics হেরা হতে হেলে দুলে

Hera Hote Hele dule
Nurani tonu  Ke ashey hai 
Oh who's blessed bod radiating with that ethereal aura, 
comes(with graceful steps) from the cave of hera ? 
shara duniyar heremer parda
Khule khule jay
And all the curtains from the windows fall off today 
(because the ones who live inside the houses want to take a glance at that beautiful man) 
Sheje Amar Kamli Wala Kamli Wala
Oh him? he is the beloved one, the beloved one is he! 

Tar Bhabe Bivol ranga payer Tole
Parbat Jangam Tolomolo Tole 
beneath his blessed, graceful feet, 
the mountains and woods shiver, exhilarated! 
Khurma khejur badam Jafrani Ful 
Jhore Jhore Jay 
the fruits, the leaves and the golden flowers 
fall off from the branches (to touch those feet for once) 

Oh my beloved Muhammad
the world  was so blessed
when you have come
You're the effulgent rose from the heaven
Blooming in desert
You're the only love in our hearts
O Muhammad

When ambled so gracefully in Arab streets
the land and pebbles shook beneath your feet
Sweet dates and flowers all fell on your way
for your holy touch
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