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Muhammad Er Nam Jopechili by Ishrak Hussain & Baapon - মোহাম্মদের নাম জপেছিলি

 Muhammad Er Nam Jopechili Gojol মোহাম্মদের নাম জপেছিলি. This beautiful Islamic song is sung by Ishrak Hussain & Baapon. Muhammad Er Nam Jopechili Lyrics are written by Kazi Nazrul Islam. Ishrak Hussain New Islamic Song Mp3 Download

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Muhammad Er Nam Jopechili by Ishrak Hussain & Baapon - মোহাম্মদের নাম জপেছিলি

  • Song : Mohammad Er nam Jopechili 
  • Singer : Ishrak Hussain & Baapon
  • Original Lyric & Composition : Kazi Nazrul Islam
  • Music : Ishrak Hussain
  • Recorded in Studio Saturn

Muhammad Er Nam Jopechili Lyrics মোহাম্মদের নাম জপেছিলি

Muhammad er Nam Jopechili Bulbuli Tui  agey
Tai ki re tor konther e gan amon modhur lage ore amon modhur lage

In the name of Muhammad you have sing, O Nightingale
Is it why your songs are so sweet? So sweet!

Ore golap niribili Nabir kadam chuyechili
Tar kadam er khusbu ajo tor atore jage
Alone, once, O Rose, have you touched his blessed feet -
In your fragrance blooms the scent of his blessed foot!

Mor nobire lukiye dekhe
tar peshanir joti mekehe
Ore o chand rangli ki  Tui
Govir onurage

Watched my beloved prophet secretly,
Stolen the aureole ray from his face
Have you not lightened yourself with the deepest of love?

Ore vromor tui ki Prothom
Chume chili tahar kadam
Gun guniye shei khusi ki janash re gul bage

O, Black Bee, have you not kissed his blessed feet the first,
And sing out of that joy to the garden,
All day long?
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