Nam Muhammad Bol Re Mon | নাম মোহাম্মদ বোল রে মন | Ishrak Hussain | নজরুলগীতি

 Nam Muhammad Bol Re Mon নজরুলগীতি নাম মোহাম্মদ বোল রে মন. This beautiful Islamic song is sung by Ishrak Hussain. Nam Muhammad Bol Re Mon lyrics are written by Kazi Nazrul Islam. Ishrak Hussain New Gojol.

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Nam Muhammad Bol Re Mon | নাম মোহাম্মদ বোল রে মন

  • Words by Kazi Nazrul Islam 
  • Melody: Traditional Nazrul Sangeet (genre of Nazrul's own invented musical style)
  • Singer:  Ishrak Hussain
  • Mix Master & Sound Produce: Ishrak Hussain
  • Video Edit: Ishrak Hussain
  • Translation : Ally J.K
  • Poster Design : SKM Jahid

Nam Muhammad Bol Re Mon Lyrics

Naam Muhammad Bol re Mon, Nam Ahmed bol
Utter the blessed name "Muhammad", O, my heart, the blessed name, "Ahmad", O, my soul
Je Nam niye chad setara Ashmane khai dol
Utters that name the moon and the stars, floating in the high heavens 

Patay Fuley Je nam aka Trivubone Je Naam Makha 
Curved that name in the leaves and flowers, mingled in the three realms 
Je Naam Nite Hasin Ushar Range Re kopol 
And the dawn blushes to speak of that name 

Je Nam geye dhay re nodi , Je nam Soda Gaye Jolodhi
The rivers run uttering that name, the oceans sing of it
Je Nam Bohe nirobodhi pobono hillol
And that flows in the blissful winds

Je Nam Rajey Moru Saharay , Je Nam Baaze Srabono Dharay
The deserts plead in that name and the rain rings on it
Je nam Chaye Kabar Masjid - Ma Aminar kol 
The holy house of Ka'aba seeks it, and the arms of mother Ameena!
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